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Akira has long, black hair which normally hides one of his eyes, he has sharp yellow or light brown eyes.

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Akira is protective to his friends, especially to Honoka. He glares to people when the others accused him and stoic to people around him except for Honoka and Nobunaga. He seems very uncaring and rough on the outside, but when it comes to Honoka he reveals a sweeter, gentler side. He is observing and he notices small details.

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Japanese Voice Actor is Noriaki Sugiyama, who also voices Shirou from Fate/Stay series, England from Hetalia, Sasuke from the Naruto series(including Boruto) and also William T from the Black Butler series.

English Voice Actor is Alejandro Saab, who also voices Drake from Fairytail, Break from HandShakers, Uno from Nanbaka (New&Old) and also in a Series Created by Aphmau as the character "Gene"

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Honoka Tamarai Edit

Akira's childhood friend whom he is very protective of and cares a lot about.

Nobunaga Asaji Edit

Akira's childhood friend who tries to keep Akira from getting violent. They both are good friends despite their opposite personalities

Sumire Inukai Edit

Akira is her younger brother.

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