• Bagwis

    Re: Wiki Adoption

    September 1, 2017 by Bagwis

    Greetings, everyone~!

    The activity within this wiki has almost subsided alongside the hype that was once thriving due to anime release back in 2016 -- that includes the activity of the editors in the roster of wiki's SYSOP.

    With that being said, I would like to adopt this wiki to make few changes that I believe should've been made before. I'll mainly focus on redesigning some infoboxes and few related templates to make this wiki look unique on its own. Of course, the content won't be spared. Updating information regarding the story plot is also included in the plan.

    If you have any ideas to pitch in, let me know down in the comment section below~!

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  • Ez1ollie

    I've updated the forums , previously the link under "Community" then "Forums" wouldn't take you to the fourms. I've fixed that and now it takes you to the updated forums, and I created 5 forum boards.

    News and Announcements - for any news related to the manga and anime.

    ReLIFE Anime Discussion - Talk about the anime episodes, and OVA (if there is one)

    ReLIFE Manga Discussion - Talk about the manga chapters or volumes here

    Off Topic - For anything not related to ReLIFE

    Questions and Answers - Just ask questions here. This is probably most useful if you want to know how to do some editing on the wiki.

    Feel free to check out the forums.

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  • Ez1ollie

    Now it's time to add some screenshots and info from the anime!

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  • Ez1ollie

    Renaming Articles

    February 2, 2016 by Ez1ollie

    I'm going around renaming articles because when I first added character entries I named them (Last Name First Name) so I'm going around renaming them to (First Name Last Name). I'll also be adding more character entires since more characters have been introduced.

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  • Ez1ollie

    Seeing as how the founder hasn't made an edit since February, I've been thinking about adopting the wiki and fixing it up a bit.

    To do list as an Admin

    1. Navigation bar overhaul
    2. Add a Favicon (most likely the ReLIFE pill)
    3. Spice up the theme with some graphics and a wordmark
    4. Add some templates for chapters and the upcoming anime

    Here are the adoption guidelines -

    I already have some experience with being an admin

    Feel free to voice your opinions in the comments of this blog.

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  • Ez1ollie

    Better navigation bar. (sort by male, female, etc)

    about the upcoming anime and ongoing manga (where to watch & read, etc)

    more articles

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