Chizuru Hishiro (日代 千鶴, Hishiro Chizuru) was one of the classmates of Arata Kaizaki at Aoba High School during his ReLIFE experiment. Although she is very smart and always gets one of the highest scores in her grade, she is very bad at communicating and lacks social skills which is why she is always alone.

Hishiro was in fact Test Subject No. 001 of the Kantou Branch of ReLIFE Laboratory. Her inter-personal issues had made her not able to keep any job for long, and the list of short-term employments on her resume eventually made her unemployable. Her first year of ReLIFE experiment was a failure, but she was given a second chance, and she made the effort to make friends the second year. With the help of Kazaki and her friends, she was able to overcome her past issues and restore her feelings that were damaged in the past.

After her ReLIFE experiment ended, she joined the ReLIFE Laboratory in the Research and Development Division.


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Hishiro's full appearance in the anime.

Hishiro is a cute slender girl with straight mid-back length black hair that she ties in low pigtails; one behind her shoulder and the other one laid on her shoulder which are tied with green bands (this was later changed to gray X-shaped pins that she got a gift from Rena Kariu and Honoka Tamarai) with square bangs ending just above her eyes, light green eyes and a beauty spot on the right side on her neck and an average build/height.

She wears the 3rd year uniform with a red lapel that all third years wear and added a silver lapel pin after becoming the student representative of her class.

When visiting Arata Kaizaki's place the first time, she worn her hair in a ponytail. She wore a red floral pattern yukata at the Fireworks Festival, tying her hair in a bun and keeping her new hairpins as wristbands. For her Chrismas date, per coordination by Rena Kariu and Honoka Tamarai, she wore her hair straight.

Hishiro's Pre-ReLIFE appearance looks very similar to how she looks as a third-year student during ReLIFE, the main difference being that she has longer hair tied in a ponytail with locks reaching her chin, and sharper eyes that are partially hidden by her locks. She is also shorter than her Pre-ReLIFE self and is seen wearing lipstick and a formal business suit when introduced as an adult.

Hishiro's hairstyle as a second-year high school student during Re-LIFE was the same as Pre-ReLIFE for much of the time. Towards the end of the school year, when her experiment was declared a failure and Ryō Yoake asked if she wants to try ReLIFE a second time, she cut her bangs and wore her hair into pigtails to start looking more like a high school girl as a sign of her resolve.

Hishiro's full appearance as an adult in the manga.

In Hishiro's Post-ReLIFE appearance, she leaves her hair out with two short strands of hair framing her face and two longer strands of her laid on her shoulders. Her bangs remain covering her forehead, the only difference is that they are not cut evenly and straight like before, and she wears her hair in left side-bangs rather than straight bangs. She has a piece of her hair tied in a small ponytail at the back with the gray X-shaped pins that she received from Kariu and Honoka.

She wears a formal black business suit, similar to that she wore in her Pre-ReLIFE appearance, which consists of a black jacket, with a collared and buttoned white shirt underneath, and a knee-length black skirt and a pair of black heeled shoes. She is also seen having a black bag with her and wearing pink lipstick quite regularly. When she works at the ReLIFE institute, she wears the same outfit, but discards the black jacket and wears a white lab-coat over instead.


Hishiro is noted to have a clever, smart atmosphere to her. She is highly intelligent, always seen getting the first place in any exam, but she never brags about it. Despite her intelligence, she is highly oblivious to her surroundings and people's feelings, openly voicing out insults, such as when she first talked to Arata Kaizaki. She is oblivious and uninterested to surroundings to the point of calling Kaizaki "The Cigarette Guy" and Rena Kariu "The Red Haired Girl who did 7.38 seconds" when she first talks to them. Due to her childhood experiences, her social skills are almost non-existent, so she prefers doing things at her own pace and by herself. She is also quiet and keeps to herself, as she is almost always seen being alone prior to meeting Kaizaki. She is socially awkward and doesn't know how to handle matters with a lot of people in it, and she is also fairly ignorant with regards to anything not directly related to school matters, particularly social and emotional ones. When she first messages Kaizaki on Lime, she sent a message that was similar to a business contact. Later she has begun to use emojis mostly involving cat symbols in her texts.

Despite her personality, Hishiro wants to change, but she doesn't know where to start, which explains her awkward personality. She also does not know how to smile properly, often giving a forced smile that often makes people around her take it in a not-so-friendly way. She tells Kaizaki that she wants to understand people more and make friends as she has reached the final year of school (later shown she wanted to do so because of her ReLife Experiment). Hishiro also is shown to search the internet when she does not understand certain events and/or what she is feeling, for example; love. She had a hard time realizing "love" and what she was feeling towards Kaizaki, and then had a hard time accepting that fact since she was a test subject and thought that Kaizaki was much younger than her. After realizing their love is mutual, it is seen that Hishiro is very blunt and straightforward with him, as she can ask Kaizaki to kiss her out of nowhere. Despite this she really loves him and it thanks to him that she changed in the first place, which Hishiro is deeply grateful for.

As time goes on, Hishiro slowly starts to change thanks to Kaizaki's influence, who became her first friend in ages. He teaches her the importance of having friends, finding an amazing love and living a great life, which is something he hopes her to find. She becomes best friends with Karui and Honoka, as well as friends with An Onoya, Nobunaga Asaji, Ryō Yoake and Akira Inukai. She treasures Kariu and Honoka Tamarai deeply, and whenever they feel down, Hishiro tries to help in her own way by searching on the internet. She also discards her previous ideology that she could do anything by herself and didn't need anyone else's help, and starts to realize it's better if she would work with others. She began to treasure all the bonds she formed through high school and confessed how important her friends were to her when she "graduated" high school, and how thankful she was to have met them. Thanks to Kaizaki and forming unforgettable bonds, Hishiro develops as a person and realizes that life isn't as dull as she thought, and she regains her self-confidence after the ReLIFE project.

After the ReLIFE project, it is seen that Hishiro seems much happier. She is also seen to have no problems socializing, as she built up a conversation with a fellow co-worker with no problem, though her habit of not knowing how to smile properly and being straightforward, insensitive and very serious remains.



Hishiro used to be a happy and cheerful girl when she was a child. However, due to her mother's work, Hishiro used to transfer schools a lot, which resulted in her always having to leave her friends each time she was able to make some, and start from scratch everytime. This pained Hishiro greatly, and she was even more hurt when her friends stopped contacting her after a while. As it repeated, Hishiro's feelings grew empty and numb to it, and she eventually started avoiding human contact and refrained from making friends. She felt like that nobody would remember her and that no one really acknowledged her presence either way, and she began thinking that bonds such as friendship and love were pointless ― she gave up on caring about other people completely. Throughout her life at middle and high school, she remained alone and never talked with anybody. She always worked alone and because of that, her communication skills eventually became nonexistent.


Hishiro was the only child of a single mother that was consistently transferred from one area to another, resulting in Hishiro transferring to new schools before she was able to fit in with her class-mates. This stunted her socialization and communication skills to a point where she became reliant on her doing school projects on her own. Since the only constant between the schools was studying, she focused on that area of school life, eschewing clubs, friendships that would be ended too soon, and what few friends she made and corresponded with soon ended with letters no longer being exchanged.

Hishiro graduated from a decent university with excellent results and got placed in a big company. However, due to her childhood experiences, it was only a repeat of her childhood. Although she could do the job perfectly, she didn't communicate with her co-workers and would even finish their job without asking, which resulted in the other employee's value going down. Hishiro became an outcast at her company and received a lot of complaints from her co-workers, as she even got the comment of being "a worthless woman", which saddened her. Because of all the employee's complaints, Hishiro was fired from her first job and got the suggestion to try to sympathize with the other adults. However, Hishiro didn't change and continued to carry the ideology that it would better if she did everything by herself and that if she was truly better than anyone else, she would be able to go anywhere else. Due to her talent and intelligence, Hishiro always easily got employed elsewhere, but it was always the same with her previous company. All of this started to repeat itself and her CV began to look weird. Eventually, companies became suspicious of Hishiro and would hesitate to employ her. At last, she couldn't get a job anywhere since she didn't meet the requirements of any company and she became a neet.

At the lowest point in her life when she had lost her self-confidence and had wondered why her life had turned out the way it had, she met Ryō Yoake after one of her failed interviews and was asked to become ReLIFE Subject No. 001 in the Kanto Region. After being explained that they would cover her living expenses and possibly find her a job after the experiment, Hishiro agreed to undergo the ReLIFE process.

2012 ReLIFE

Hishiro in her first ReLIFE experiment, posed as a second-year high school student.

Hishiro was made to enter Aoba High School as a second-year student along with Ryō Yoake. In order to improve her interpersonal skills and regain her feelings damaged in the past, Hishiro was put in a class with a bullied student. The plan was to make her help that student and thus make a friend. Also, it was expected for her to form a romantic relationship with Yoake. But there was no improvement, Hishiro still remained indifferent to her surroundings and only focused on her studies, she didn't even bother trying to change herself.

Yoake was criticized afterward for not lending proper support, so he got involved himself and asked Hishiro to help out the bullied student. This resulted in a disaster, however, because of Hishiro's clumsy way of trying to stop the bullying. The student was bullied even more and blamed it on Hishiro, and the student eventually transferred schools. After that incident, Hishiro's situation became much worse and she completely avoided total human contact, and Yoake was ostracized further for interfering too much in her experiment.

Hishiro's ReLIFE experiment emphasized her desire for isolation. Yoake approached her frequently to know if she had issues. As she was asked not to rely too much on the ReLIFE Staff, she denied his help. She just concentrated on the education part and totally neglected improving interpersonal relations. Towards the end of the experiment, Yoake informed that her ReLIFE experiment had been deemed a failure and that she could not get a job because of that. Although being disappointed, Hishiro admits that she did not take any efforts to change herself and only concentrated on her studies. However, Yoake suggested her to indulge in another year of ReLIFE experiment as he thought that Hishiro would be able to succeed the experiment if she continued for one last year up to graduation. Hishiro agrees and she promises she'll succeed in it.

Determined to succeed her experiment and change, Hishiro takes a small first step by cutting her bangs and styling her hair to twin-tails, so she would look more like a high school girl. After this, she was put in the third-year, class three in Aoba High School along with Arata Kaizaki, and she has now slowly changed due to his influence.


Summer Vacation Arc

Hishiro is seen attending supplementary lessons during the summer vacation. She's then seen in the group when Kazuomi Ōga decides to confess his feelings to Rena Kariu. She tells she's not experienced in those matters when consulted by Ohga. She also feels irritated after hearing that Arata Kaizaki is super experienced with women. She is later asked by Arata not to tell Kariu about Ohga's plans of confessing.

After Kariu decides to confess to Ohga, she goes Yukata shopping with her, Honoka Tamarai and An Onoya. She's greatly confused as to which type of Yukata she should select as it is new for her. She then selects a Yukata based on Onoya's advice.

During the festival, she apologizes to everyone after she arrives 3 minutes late. She faces difficulties in getting around and after Ryō Yoake offers her to take his arm, she gets around with his help. During the fireworks, Kaizaki sits along with her when she tells Kaizaki that he's able to make friends quickly and feels elated when he tells she has a lot of friends as well.

She then tells that she's glad she met Kaizaki and then feels distressed that he would be separated from her after high school. After the fireworks, she asks Yoake to accompany her home, greatly shocking Kaizaki and Rena. Yoake then says he'll accompany Onoya and asks Kaizaki to take Hishiro home.

She asks Kaizaki to spend some time with her to witness Kariu and Ohga's confessions. She says she's poor in understanding things about love and friendship and wants to get a clear picture after seeing the confession. She then tells Kaizaki that even though she thought that Kariu confessing to Ohga was useless, she feels happy for them. She tells that she is still not clear about her feelings and Kaizaki asks her to make a lot of friends and find romance.

ReLIFE Support Transfer Arc

Hishiro is seen at a restaurant along with Honoka Tamarai and Rena Kariu, congratulating the latter after she tells about her successful confession. Hishiro then tells Kazuomi Ōga was planning to confess as well, then stops herself from telling further about it. She then tells Kariu that she was watching her confession to understand about feelings. She then leaves the shop and asks Ryō Yoake to meet her and asks him whether Arata Kaizaki is a ReLIFE Experiment subject.

Hishiro then tells Ryo why she thinks Kaizaki is an adult because of the things she observed about his lifestyle and behavior. She then remarks that with how stupid Kaizaki is, she finds it hard to believe he is an adult. Ryo then tells Hishiro to ask Kaizaki directly if she wants to know if he is a ReLIFE experiment. As the ReLIFE experiment will be terminated if people come to know about it, this will cause Kaizaki's experiment to be terminated and he will lose memories of Hishiro, which shocks her greatly. Hishiro is then complimented by Ryo that she has started caring about others and that she smiles more, and wished he could see more of her progress.However as her second term supervisor would not be him, he regrets not being able to view her progress further. He then asks the new supervisor to show themselves. An Onoya then greets Hishiro saying she'll be her new supervisor, which burns Hishiro's brain.

Hishiro is seen with Onoya and Ryo complaining about having to skip her supplementary classes. She then tells them she would rather cut her classes than continue their conversation. She then tells that she thought Ryo was the kind of person to go out with Onoya and that he was a creep. She then tells that going out with a guy 11 years younger was strange remembering her earlier discussion with Ryo. Hishiro then bluntly asks whether Ryo has been fired from his job and will be a NEET. She then bombards Ryo with questions to see whether he'll let anything slip about Kaizaki and compliments his guard being solid.

She refuses to believe Ryo when he says that she's wrong about Kaizaki being an adult. Onoya then asks Hishiro why she is so concerned about this. She asks Hishiro if she is just curious and if she started having this feeling after seeing Onoya get close to Kaizaki. Onoya then asks if Hishiro expects Kaizaki to be an adult, so that she would no longer need to suppress her love for him. Onoya then expresses that it would be interesting to monitor Hishiro, earning an intimidating glare from the latter.

She is then seen in bed wondering why she cares so much whether Kaizaki is an adult and then decides that it is meaningless to think about it. She can't stop thinking about this fact even though she considers it meaningless.

On the starting day final term of school, she greets Kaizaki and Ryo on the way to school. They are alarmed seeing that she has a frightening appearance. She then takes Kaizaki by the arm telling Ryo she wants to talk to him in private, her actions shocking the both of them.

After a while Kaizaki asks her to let go of his arm, to which Hishiro responded that why it bothers him when it's her and not when Onoya does the same. Kaizaki responds saying that people would think they were going out to which Hishiro responds by asking whether it would troubling for him if others thought like that. It is then revealed Hishiro searched the internet to find out what it means to be in love. She then asks Kaizaki if she's flourishing as a person and to touch her. When Kaizaki responds saying they should be going out to do that, she asks to go out with her and touch her. Kaizaki asks her to take it slow and that she'll recognize about love gradually. Hishiro thinks to herself that if it did occur to her naturally, she would not have become a ReLIFE subject.

School Festival Arc

After reaching class, Hishiro has a chat with An Onoya on LIME with the latter asking why she acted that way with Arata Kaizaki. Hishiro replies that she tried to act with him to find out in order to find out if she really loved Kaizaki as Onoya suggested. She says that she could not figure it out and Onoya asks her to try her best.

After the test for selecting the class representatives, it is seen that Hishiro has gotten lesser marks than Rena Kariu who is elected as the class rep. When Rena questions whether Hishiro deliberately lost to her, she tells her that it isn't the case. Honoka and Rena then inquire about her condition as she was not looking normal to which Hishiro says that she's fine.

Later, Rena and Kazuomi Ōga plan to select committee members for organizing the school festival. Hishiro recommends herself which surprises Onoya. She tells her as she lost her student representative role, she has to redeem herself by doing the committee work.

Hishiro then takes up most of the committee work, without asking for any of her classmates for advice. This really worries Kaizaki who tries to mediate constantly. When Hishiro gets sick by overworking herself, Kaizaki carries her to the infirmary, which humiliates her(thinking of being carried by a high school student). Kaizaki then asks her to trust more in other people which triggers her old memories of her previous jobs.

Onoya visits her in her apartment, teases her about being an old woman and asks her about how she felt when Kaizaki carried her. Afterwards she says that her friends are worried about her health and asks her to trust other people a little bit. When the funds allocated for the festival is seen missing, Kaizaki fills the rest of the amount with his own cash.

After Hishiro returns, she apologizes to everyone about keeping the money on her self for safekeeping and not working together with the others. Later when she tries to correct the tie of Kaizaki's suit(for their cafe in the festival), he swats off her hand with a horrible expression(due to his trauma because of his senpai's suicide). She leaves and is pained and hurt by Kaizaki's expression.

They try to apologize to each other on LIME but restrain themselves from doing so. Kaizaki tries to keep his distance from everyone because the end of third year is coming up which prevents Hishiro from trying to communicate with him properly.

Hishiro's Maid Costume

She is dressed up as a maid wearing glasses and her hair in braids by Onoya surprising Kaizaki, Rena and Honoka Tamarai. After the cafe was free, she leaves to advertise for the cafe without informing Kaizaki. She is harassed by college students who find her pretty and ask for her LIME info and to accompany them around the festival. After Kaizaki is berated by Reina to not maintain his distance with everyone, he finds her with the students.

He brings her away stating that teachers are looking for her and asks her if they did something to her, irritated when he learns that they touched her. Hishiro then apologizes to Kaizaki that she should not have touched him and not ask him to touch her earlier, learning that it is an uncomfortable feeling. Kaizaki then apologizes and explains his circumstances without letting her know the full story. Hishiro is then asked by Kaizaki to accompany him around the school festival after she says that she has no one to accompany her.


Arata Kaizaki

Kaizaki was the first friend Hishiro made in ages. He helped her out during the first day by loaning her lunch money, which was the starting point in their friendship. Kaizaki always looked closely at her and after interacting with him, Hishiro comically asked him for his number by asking for his phone. He was the only person around whom she first gave a proper smile and was her first true friend. Hishiro is grateful for all the things that he had done for her, and it is also thanks to Kaizaki that Hishiro could take the first steps as in making more friends. Although Hishiro is blunt with him sometimes, she really does cherish him and is always very supportive of him, which she expresses in her own way. Kaizaki is also the one who made Hishiro realize the importance of depending on friends, and not to place all the work upon her shoulders. This was the first time someone had said that so calmly to Hishiro, so she also eventually began to understand that. Unlike others who turned annoyed at Hishiro's nonchalant behavior, Kaizaki always took it calmly and always tried to help Hishiro in a good way since he knew that she always worked so hard. Thanks to Kaizaki's influence, Hishiro began changing and her goal in succeeding the ReLIFE project increased. Hishiro also began feeling happy whenever she was with Kaizaki and expressed her desire to continue to be with him.

As time goes on, she slowly fell in love with him, although she was in denial of her own feelings since she didn't understand them well. She also felt vexed about the fact that she couldn't ignore the feelings she didn't understand, just like the way she always ignored feelings she doesn't understand. She begins feeling more self-conscious around him, and she doesn't want to hurt him in any way due to her inability of understanding feelings well, and does apologize to him whenever she bothers him. She is truly hurt when Kaizaki is horrified by her trying to fix his tie due to his phobia of having his neck touched but later reconciles with him after knowing his circumstances. After the festival, Hishiro asks Kaizaki to touch her, and she realizes that she might be in love with him. In the process of sorting her feelings out, Hishiro finally suspects that Kaizaki is an adult and tried finding ways to confirm it, like going through his belongings when she visits Kaizaki's house. In the process, she confirms her feelings for him and breaks down in the middle of the road and realize that she is truly in love with him and won't be able to run away from her feelings. However, she was self-conscious to reciprocate her feelings due to her being a ReLIFE candidate, and because she initially thought that Kaizaki was a teenager 11 years younger than her. This is why she began getting disinterested in her surroundings and started distancing herself from Kaizaki, but upon Kariu and Honoka's urging, she asked him out for a Christmas date. At the end of the date, Kaizaki confessed that he is in love with Hishiro which leads from another confession from Hishiro. She said that since she loved him for so long, she wanted to touch him and for him to touch her, but it wasn't like she would ask that from anyone. Kaizaki was the sole reason she became interested in love in the first place, since she genuinely loved him and since he was the one who helped her restore her feelings that were damaged in the past. She feels like she wouldn't have been able to come the long way she had if Kaizaki wasn't by her side, that she would no good without him, and that she wouldn't be happy without him. After realizing their mutual feelings, they didn't decide to go out due to their own problems of being adults and desire to "graduate" high school first, but they are content with this decision. They spend as much time as possible and are very loving with each other, and will share a hug and hold hands at times. They state that, even though they will probably forget about each other, they wouldn't regret falling in love and would not regret the path they took.

At ReLIFE's end, Hishiro, particularly, expressed how scared she was that Kaizaki would forget about her and would recurringly ask him to not forget about her, since she was afraid of being forgotten like she was as a child. Hishiro was also devastated of the probability of forgetting about Kaizaki, so she hoped from the bottom of her heart that he wasn't a subject. And she hoped that if he was a subject, that she would be able to meet him again. She wrote on her palm that she was in love with Kaizaki, but this was erased by Onoya due to the rules of the ReLIFE experiment.

When they go back to their original forms, they forget about each other due to being ReLIFE subjects, but since they both chose to work at the ReLIFE institute, they eventually reunite and share an emotional reunion. They are more than happy to have been able to meet again. They finally learn the other was a subject of ReLIFE, but Hishiro was not too fazed as she already suspected that Kaizaki was a subject, but she is mildly surprised that Kaizaki was younger than her by a year. She briefly becomes sad at his possible disappointment at her true age, but he assures her that he is happy with the revelation. He voiced his struggle with not being to get closer to her because of their time in the experiment but now he can as he hugged her, which surprises but delights her. Kaizaki then confesses his feelings for her, that he is truly in love with her and wishes to be with her forever, and asks her to go out with him. She is very touched by this declaration and states if he is okay with her, she'll happily go out with him, as they smile at each other and share their first kiss. Kaizaki is later teased for his new relationship with her by Ryō, An and Amagase, while Hishiro doesn't make it better by saying that they aren't married 'yet', much to his embarrassment. Hishiro believes that Kaizaki will be a great support in the upcoming ReLIFE experiment, since she is so confident that he is good at meddling with other peoples life, just like he meddled in her life. Meeting Kaizaki gave her the first push as in succeeding her ReLIFE project.

Ryō Yoake

He was Hishiro's supervisor in the year before the story starts and in the beginning of the current year. She has a close relationship with him as she calls him by his first name, Ryō, (although she had been asked to refer to him as this, and is thus regarded as quite obedient). During the summer festival, she held his arm to get around because she was getting dizzy due to the crowd. This act greatly shocked Kaizaki to the point that he thinks she likes him but it is cleared up later. She also held him in contempt thinking that he would try to seduce Onoya, a high school student (before knowing her identity).

Rena Kariu

Rena considers Hishiro a rival in academics. Hishiro tries to become Rena's friend by smiling at her when their eyes meet, but Hishiro's smile looking like a smirk to Rena creates a misunderstanding. After some time, due to Kaizaki's help they become friends and eat lunch together. She is considered to be one of her close friends as she discusses about confessing her feelings for Ohga with her. She also asked advice from Rena from time to time about what she really felt for Kaizaki.

Honoka Tamarai

Hishiro becomes friends with Tamarai through Rena. She calls her by the nickname "Hishiron". Hishiro helps Rena mend her relationship with Honoka during the Volleyball Tournament after their tiff, earning the gratitude of both.

An Onoya

She was greatly disliked by Hishiro, mostly because of how close she gets with Kaizaki. She asks Kariu to be wary of her because she's close with Ohga as well. During the second term of her final year, she becomes Hishiro's current supervisor. She wants Hishiro and Kaizaki to end up in a relationship and pushes Hishiro towards it, though it irritates the latter.

Very soon, they started to get along with their relationship mirroring that Kaizaki and Ryō. They talk more with Chizuru even telling An about her feelings for Kaizaki, which An understood and supported.


  • "There is nothing worse a person can do than be late! This failure can never be forgiven!"
  • "If I don't understand how a friend feels, am I not allowed to worry about them? If I don't experience what you do, am I not allowed to worry about you, my friend?
  • "This is how I talk to everyone. Don't worry about it. Does that make me unapproachable? People tell me that a lot. Even at this age, I don't have any close friends. I never thought that was a problem, but apparently the society does. I keep thinking I need to change, but I have no idea where to begin. It would help if you could tell me honestly. Am I really unapproachable?"
  • "If I can't even manage a polite smile, I'll be in trouble in the real world."
  • "I don't understand what I say that makes people so mad. I don't understand how they feel. I know that's because I haven't properly socialized. I've tried to learn. I've tried to study up on it, but I just don't know what's right."
  • "I want to defeat the me that's dragging this failure around. I don't want to forget my failure. But if I carry it with me as a bad memory and keep running away, I will never change."
  • "If you know you'll be separated, then falling in love or confessing your feelings, kind of seems pointless..."
  • "I'm well aware that I'm terrible at interacting with people."
  • "It's ineffective to deal with many problems at once."
  • "Having these warm feelings, yet it's so painful and agonizing, to think that this lively high school student could be such a worthless adult. If it is indeed the case, on one side I'm very happy, we're both adults. But on the other side, I'm going to forget about Kaizaki-san. Now that... These feelings I have for him have grown so much, there's no way I can run away from them... I'm in love with Kaizaki-san, I love him, I love him so much."[3] (Upon realizing her feelings for Arata Kaizaki).

Recurring Quotes

  • "Excuse me, that is my seat." (あの そこ私の席なんですけど) [4]
  • "Hey, can I have your cell?" (あの 携帯をくれませんか) [5]
  • "Don't treat me like a dummy, you dummy." (バカがバカにしないで下さい, baka ga baka ni shinai de kudasai) [6]
    • In the English localization, the exact same quote is translated differently in the different occurrences:
      • "Don't treat me like I'm the dumb one."[7]
      • "Don't treat me like an idiot, idiot."[8]
      • "Don't mock me! You're too dumb!"[9]
  • (to Arata Kaizaki) "You lie as effortlessly as you breathe. I wonder about your integrity." (息をするように嘘をつきましたね 人格を疑います)[10]
    • "Once again you lie as effortlessly as you breathe. I wonder about your integrity." (また息をするように嘘をついたんですね 人格を疑います)[11]
    • "You really lie as effortlessly as you breathe." (本当に息をするように嘘をつくんですね)[12]
    • (silently thinking to Kaizaki) "You really lie as effortlessly as you breathe... but it was always a gentle lie..." (本当に息を吸うように嘘をつきますね でもいつも優しい嘘でした…)[13]
  • "My pleasure." (はい 喜んで, hai yorokonde, Literally meaning "Yes, my pleasure") [14]
    • When An Onoya said "My pleasure!" to Hishro, Hishiro asked if Onoya was mocking her.[15]


  • The name Chizuru means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "crane, stork" (鶴) (tsuru/zuru).
    • An ancient Japanese legend stated that a person who could fold one thousand origami cranes by himself within one year would be granted eternal good luck or one wish.
  • Chizuru's surname Hishiro means "sun, day" (日) (hi) and "generation" (代) (shiro).


  • During lunch, Hishiro is most often seen eating ramen. Either it is her favorite item, or she simply orders whatever people recommends to her
    • Ryō Yoake recommended ramen to her on her first day of school
    • Honoka Tamarai once suggested her to give omelet rice a try and she ordered omelet rice the day right after.
    • During the cultural festival, when Arata Kaizaki suggests getting something to eat, her first response was ramen (to which Kaizaki responded "that has nothing to do with the cultural festival!)"
  • Hishiro doesn't have a TV at home, opting to watch things on the internet instead. [16]
  • Hishiro uses a black smartphone.[17]
  • Prior to Hishiro's ReLIFE experience, the last time she had been to an amusement park was at least 20 years ago (when she was 9 or younger).[18]
  • In the movie adaptation, Hishiro became a teacher at Aoba High School instead of an employee at the ReLIFE research Institute.
  • Hishiro is the oldest main character being a year older than Kaizaki and Yoake as well as being three years older than An Onoya.


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