Koushi Usa (宇佐 浩史 Usa Kōshi) is the Aoba High School's Boys Volleyball Team Coach.

Appearance Edit

He has a short brown hair with a small side bang. A small brown eye with short eyebrows. He is rather tall. He is usually seen with an orange shirt and a short lengthening to his knee, with a sport whistle hung around his neck.

Personality Edit

Contrary to his appearance, he is a hot blooded man and quick to bark like a wild animal.

History Edit

He graduated from the same university as Kokoro Amatsu.

Story Edit

Relationships Edit

Kokoro Amatsu Edit

She is his fellow colleague. They graduated from the same university and are very good friends. He often tries to tease her.

Boy's Volleyball Club Edit

He cares a lot about the Boy's Volleyball Club, of which he is coach He often defends them by saying that they are trying their best.

Quotes Edit

  • "Power that's too great destroys it's surroundings."

Trivia Edit

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