Kazuomi Ōga (大神 和臣 Ōga Kazuomi) is a third-year student at Aoba High School, and a close classmate of Arata Kaizaki after he became a teenager. He is very smart and always gets the highest score among the boys in his grade, which is why he is recurringly selected as the class representative. This, along with his appearance, contrasts with his poor athletic ability and denseness when it comes to romance.


Kazuomi has light brown hair and brown eyes.

While attending Aoba High School, he wears his elder brother's uniform (white shirt, black tie, dark gray full trousers and a light gray full sleeve sweater), which happens to be too loose on him[1]. He has matching piercings with Rena Kariu in his left ear, which was done by Takaomi Ōga.[2] He has received compliments from An Onoya and Arata Kaizaki on having an attractive physique[3]. Arata has also called Kazuomi "good looking" multiple times [4][5].


Kazuomi is very focused on school who spends most of his time perfecting his grade to get into college. He's seen as being dense in the matters concerning love and relations as he did not know about Rena Kariu's feelings for him. He cares for his friends very much and often looks up to Arata Kaizaki for advice and Kazuomi also feels embarrassed after mentioning that he has a girlfriend as a way of boasting to Kaizaki.


Kazuomi has said that his family doesn't have a large amount of money, which is partially why he works so hard to be top of his class. This way his family doesn't have to pay for his meals. He seems to love his brother very much, getting one ear pierced by him.



Takaomi Ōga

Kazuomi greatly respects his older brother, who had previously shouldered the responsibilities of providing for the family. Even after Takaomi became a NEET, Kazuomi simply felt it is now his old turn to be responsible and let his brother time to rest. The piercing Kazuomi got from his brother was one of his greatest treasures, as a remembrance for when Takaomi was cheerfully working hard.

Arata Kaizaki

Ohga shares a warm relationship with Arata where he constantly helps Arata with the retry tests he has to take, even though he is irritated with the lack of progress. It is due to Kaizaki that Ohga realizes his feelings for Rena Kariu. Kazuomi is convinced that Arata is somewhat of a "womanizer".

Rena Kariu

Ohga has been close friends with Rena ever since their middle school. As he has a dense personality, he did not realize that Kariu loved him. Kaizaki makes him realize his feelings for her and he confesses to her during the Summer Festival, the two of them became a couple after a mutual confession from Rena.

In Vol.15 Chapter 225.5, they eventually got married (which now makes her Rena Ōga).


  • The name Kazuomi means "harmony, peace" (和) (kazu) and "vassal, retainer, subject" (臣) (omi).
  • Kazuomi's surname Ōga means "big, great" (大) (ō) and "god, deity" (神) (ka/ga).


  • Spellings of Kazuomi's name include:
    • In Japan, the English spelling of his name is "Kazuomi Ohga".
    • In licensed English translations, his name is spelled "Kazuomi Oga".
    • Under the Modified Hepburn system, the romanization of his Japanese name would be "Kazuomi Ōga".
    • Under the Japanese Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hepburn Variant used for passports, his name would be romanized as "Kazuomi Oga" (although the ministry also allows other spellings per consultation, such as "Kazuomi Ohga" or "Kazuomi Ooga") [6]
  • Kazuomi pretty much always eats udon for lunch. [7]
  • In Report 22, Kazuomi used a smartphone with a orange-blond shell that matches the color of his hair.
    • However, in Report 45 and later, the color of his phone changed to a brighter yellow color.
  • The wedding of Kazuomi and Rena happened on 2020-02-22, shown at the 22nd page of Chapter 222(.5)