Nobunaga Asaji is a student in Aoba High School.

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He is a black haired teen with black eyes, his height is 184 cm, making him the tallest in their classroom.

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Nobunaga is a mother figure like in Aoba High School, he's always there to assist the students who got hurt in some activities. besides being strong and good at sports he as a very gentle personalty.

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Akira Inukai Edit

Akira is one of Nobunaga's childhood friends. Nobunaga often acts as a break for the short-tempered Akira.

Honoka Tamarai Edit

Honoka is one of Nobunaga's childhood friends. Nobunaga and Akira are always watching over Honoka who is a bit of a ditz. Nobunaga is not aware of Honoka's feelings for him.

Sumire Inukai Edit

Sumire is one of Nobunaga's childhood friends. Nobunaga has a crush on her[1]. Nobunaga has been on his high school's health committee since the first year, so that he would have more chances to meet Sumire (who is the school nurse and health teacher). Whenever somebody is hurt, Nobunaga very proactively offers to take them to the nurse's office.

Because Sumire is a couple years older and is already a working adult, Nobunaga has been holding off his confession until when he is at least in college or when he also starts working (when he wouldn't be seen as a kid).

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Trivia Edit

  • The Author of ReLIFE has noted that Nobunaga is terrible at Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • He is a member of the Health Committee
  • From first grade elementary school to senior year in high school, the team he is on has never won a inter-class competition. This jinx is based on an actual friend of the author. [2]
  • Asaji's surename is an homage to the Asaji Station in Ōita, Japan.

References Edit

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