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The anime ReLIFE is a direct adaptation of the original webcomic series. It is composed of a 13-episode TV series and a 4-episode direct-to-disc finale.

Episodes Edit

TV Series Edit

# Episode Title Synopsis ED Air Date
1 Arata Kaizaki (27), Unemployed Kaizaki Arata is twenty-seven years old and doesn't have a steady job. His parents even threaten to stop sending him money, but that's when he he meets Yoake Ryo, who has a tantalizing offer for him. "Iijyuu ★ Rider" (イ―ジュ-★ライダー Iiju ★ Raida) by Tamio Okuda July 2, 2016
2 Communication Skills: Zero Arata meets Hishiro Chiziru, a girl who has zero communication skills but is trying her best to change. "Hot Limit" by T.M. Revolution July 9, 2016
3 You're Old Now Arata receives a grim reminder of his physical age during athletic testing. "Timing" (タイミング~Timing~ Taimingu) by Black Biscuits July 16, 2016
4 Fall Kariu Rena is thrown for a loop by what she thinks is Chizuru's spiteful behavior toward her. "Honey" by L'Arc~en~Ciel July 23, 2016
5 Overlap Things come to a head between Rena and Chizuru, which reminds Arata about a traumatic experience in his past. "Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi" (これが私の生きる道) by PUFFY July 30, 2016
6 This Isn't the First Time Onoya An and Oga Kazuomi suddenly visit Arata for a study session, after which Onoya puts the moves on Arata?! "Sunny Day Sunday" by Sentimental Bus August 6, 2016
7 Test Subject 001 → 002 Ryo reflects upon his failure supporting Test Subject 001 the previous year. "Sausade" (サウダージ Saudaji) by Porno Graffitti August 13, 2016
8 Rift When Honoka, captain of the volleyball team, needed to take makeup tests, it triggered a domino of events that threaten to tear apart two best friends. "Yuki no Hana" (雪の華) by Mika Nakashima August 20, 2016

9 Revenge Chizuru notices something odd with Rena between Honoka. She and Arata share their past failures, and vow to not fail again. "There will be love there -Ai no Aru Basho-" (There will be love there -愛のある場所-) by The Brilliant Green August 27, 2016
10 Everybody's Selfish Desires Honoka shares how important Rena has been to her high school life, and her desire to play with Rena in the final tournament, but Rena has made up her mind to retire. "Asu e no Tobira" (明日への扉) by I Wish September 3, 2016
11 A Trip to the Past Arata confronts his past and pays a visit to his senpai's grave. Ryo plans a surprise for him. "Pieces of A Dream" by Chemistry September 10, 2016
12 Double Panic Arata nudges Kazuomi to explore his feelings. "Natsu Matsuri" (夏祭り) by Whiteberry September 17, 2016
13 Confession Arata, Chizuru, and company help set up the opportunity for Kazuomi and Rena's confessions, while Ryo and An also have something else in mind... "Button" by Penguin Research September 24, 2016

Finale Edit

# Episode Title Synopsis ED Air Date
14 Seed The second school term began, with Kazuomi and Rena being the new class reps. Rena asked if Chizuru intentionally did poorly on the test, but Chizuru was very absent-minded. Chizuru confronted Ryō: "Is Kaizaki also a ReLIFE test subject?" "Hana" (花) by Orange Range March 21, 2018
15 Need "CHE.R.RY" by Yui March 21, 2018
16 Date "La La La Love Song" by Toshinobu Kubata with Naomi Campbell March 21, 2018
17 Life "Button" by Penguin Research March 21, 2018

Cast Edit

  • Arata Kaizaki - Kensho Ono (Japanese), Micah Solusod (English dub)
  • Chizuru Hishiro - Ai Kayano (Japanese), Jeannie Tirado (English dub)
  • Ryō Yoake - Ryōhei Kimura (Japanese), Josh Grelle (English dub)
  • An Onoya - Reina Ueda (Japanese), Kristen McGuire (English dub)
  • Kazuomi Ōga - Yūma Uchida (Japanese), Blake Shepard (English dub)
  • Rena Kariu - Haruka Tomatsu (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (English dub)

Release information Edit

Japanese Edit

  • The TV series originally aired during the summer 2016 season, and has been released on BD and DVD.
  • The 4-episode finale was released on March 21st, 2018 on BD and DVD.

English Edit

  • Crunchyroll provides free streaming of the TV series with English subtitles.
  • Funimation provides streaming of the TV series dubbed in English.
  • Funimation sells a BD/DVD combo of the TV series that have duel audio tracks (English and Japanese) with English subtitles.

Other Languages Edit

  • Crunchyroll provides free streaming of the TV series with subtitles in Español, Español (España), Français (France), Português (Brasil), العربية, Italiano, and Deutsch.

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