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Business card of an ReLIFE Laboratory employee

R () eL () IFE L () aboratory (リライフ (けん) (きゅう) (じょ) , Riraifu Kenkyuujo), abbreviated as "RLL", is an organization helping people get a fresh start with their lives. On the surface, it operates as a call center offering anonymous counseling service[1], but it is also running secret experiments in the shadows.

Not much is known about the background of the organization, but they have the means to make enroll students with fake identities into Aoba High School, and they are well-connected with other companies to make job referrals.

ReLife company conference room

Yoake Ryo and the higher ups of RLL

The organization have a secret pharmaceutical division that developed a pill to make a person's physical appearance look significantly younger. Through the pill, the organization can also manipulate surrounding people's memory associated with the younger-looking person.

ReLIFE Experiment Edit


ReLIFE pill to turn someone younger

A year-long experiment involving a subject who has either withdrawn from society or has turned into a NEET, both of whom are having difficulties to lead their life. With the help of a drug that would revert a person's appearance to that of their high school self, the subject will have to become a high school student and attend school. All the necessary paper works will be handled by the organization.

The organization will also provide compensation for the subject, covering their daily expenses, such as food and rent, for the duration of the experiment. Moreover, as a reward for the completion of the program, the subject will be introduced and referred to a company for employment. However, to prevent inconsistencies, the memories of everyone in the school regarding the subject will be erased at the end of the program.

The experiment is to be strictly confidential. If anyone finds out that the subject is part of the ReLIFE program or anything that is about the company, the contract will terminate and the subject's memories will be erased.

To ensure this, a support division will oversee and observe the subject closely, reporting progress back to the company's higher-ups.

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  • Several Administrative Staff members.

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Kanto Region Edit

2012 ~ 2013 Academic Year Edit

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Other Regions Edit

  • Several experiment subjects, some regions have over 20 subjects.

References Edit

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