Job Interviewer 1: Let's see... Mr. Arata Kaizaki?

Arata Kaizaki [Enthusiastically]: Yes!

Job Interviewer 1: Wow, you worked two years to enter college. You don't give up easily.

Arata Kaizaki [Enthusiastically]: Yes! I have a lot of confidence in my perseverance! Once I decide to do something, until it is finished, I always ...

Job Interviewer 2: Huh? But ... your first job after college ...

[Arata Kaizaki twitches slightly.]

Job Interviewer 2: Your first job after college ... you left after only three months, what happened?

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Report 1 Title Panel

(Title Panel)

[Arata Kaizaki became anxious.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Figures, that comes up!

Arata Kaizaki [Anxiously]: Oh that! You could say a difference in direction? I was looking for a place that could make better use of me ... so I decided to leave sooner rather than later. Decisive action is one of my strengths! ... Because of it I am able to be here talking with you today. I would say that transferring quickly ... was a decision I had confidence in making!

[Arata Kaizaki smiled awkwardly. The two interviewers responded in the same way.]

ReLIFE Experiment Report

Friday, March 1

Preparing to make contact with Subject No. 002, Arata Kaizaki.

[At home, Arata Kaizaki looks exhausted after doing the daunting task. He reads the letter gave to him by his interviewers.]

Job Application Staff [Letter Message]: We've reviewed your background and experience and have decided to proceed with other candidates who meet our needs more closely at this time.

We hereby return your résumé that you've submitted at the time of application.

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: I was sure I made it to the last round ...

[Arata Kaizaki crumpled up the letter.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Waiting anxiously for nothing. Why do they always ask, "Why were you with your first company for only three months?"?!

[Arata Kaizaki became bewildered and crumpled up the letter more.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Because it didn't suit me?! Is it so wrong to quit and move on?!

[Arata Kaizaki threw away the crumpled letter and laid down on his bed restfully.]

Arata Kaizaki: Ah~! I just wish I could erase that part of my résumé.

[Arata Kaizaki sighs.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: When I was a kid, I thought, I'll become an adult, go to college, graduate normally, find a normal job, work like a normal person, get married around 25, and live happily~ Despite that, how did I end up like this?

[As a little background, Arata Kaizaki studied at college for 2 years and another graduate school for about 4 years. So presently, he's 27 years old, has no girlfriend, and currently unemployed.]

[Arata Kaizaki sighs.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: I never thought the future would be like this ...

[Arata Kaizaki reached for his phone to see the current time and date.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: It's already March ... It's probably useless. By my age, you are supposed to already be settled into some kind of work ... looks like I'll be freeloading into next year.

[Arata Kaizaki's phone rings. It was his mom on the other side of the line.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Crap! Ah~ that's right. I went ahead and said I'd be getting the interview results today ...

[Flashback begin.]

Arata Kaizaki [Enthusiastically]: I made it all the way to the final round! The final decision will probably come soon!~

[Flashback end.]

Thumbnail 001

Arata Kaizaki: Hello?

Arata's Mom [Loudly]: How'd it go? The final round, that is?!

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: I knew it ...

Arata Kaizaki: You're yelling, you know ...

Arata's Mom: But hun, I've gotten all curious after you contacted me! Come on~

Arata Kaizaki: It was no good.

Arata's Mom [Loudly]: Huh~?!

Arata's Mom: Hun, you said that it was pretty much decided. What happened?!

'Arata Kaizaki: Dunno, but a rejection is a rejection all the same ...

Arata's Mom [Annoyingly]: Hmmm..

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: What are you "Hmmm-ing" for ...?

Arata's Mom: I feel bad giving you more bad news ...

Arata Kaizaki: Wha-?

Arata's Mom: I don't know how any bad news could really top this currently ... we aren't going to send you any more financial support starting next year.

[Arata Kaizaka turned pale and blank.]

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: Whhaaaat?!

Arata's Mom: You're yelling, you know.

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: You were the first to start yellig straight into this call!

Arata Kaizaki: Wh-what? Why? Suddenly saying something like that ...

Arata's Mom: Huh, even if you are a recent grad, you're 27! It's weird for parent to be supporting a 27-year-old grown-ass man!

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: Don't call me grown-ass! I'm still young! I'll get a part-time job!

Arata's Mom: It would be fine if you had a dream or something you want to do to work toward ... but you don't have anything like that, right? So why don't you just come home. Is there any reason to be over there?

Arata Kaizaki: Ah, sorry but ... I told myself I will no longer live there again. When I first left ... I'm not going back.

Arata's Mom: Well, I guess that's fine ... It's your life, so you should do what you like, is what I should say ....

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Mom~!

Arata's Mom: But if you end up dead or something, don't come crying to me.

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Eh?! Dead?!

Arata Kaizaki: How could you say something like that?!

Arata's Mom: Well, if you dying is such a problem, come home and help your father with fishing. That's it! Bye!

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: Ah! Hey! Wai-!

[Phone call ended. It lasts for about 3 minutes and 26 seconds.]


End 001

Report 1 End Panel

(End Panel)