[Alone in his room, Arata Kaizaki spaced out after having a conversation with his mom.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Now, what?

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Report 2 Title Panel

(Title Panel)

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Go home? My hometown? There's only one single car train per hour, It takes an hour to get there, and there's nothing to do but stare at the ocean. Girls are non-existent other than grandma and auntie. Aaaggghhh~! Noooo!! I escaped all that by moving to the city! Who'd ever want to go back there?! What should I do? The part-time job I have now ... pathetic.

[Arata Kaizaki's phone started to ring again.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Mom?

[Arata Kaizaki picks up the phone and it was his "friend" on the other side of the line.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Nope. A friend.

Arata Kaizaki: Hello?

Arata's Friend: Oh! Arata! What's up? Sooo ... I just moved up at my job, but ... How about you? Still grunt work?

Arata Kaizaki: Huh? Ah, no! I also moved up! ... Sorta.

Arata's Friend: Oh! Really!? Then you want to go for a drink later?

Arata Kaizaki: Sounds great!

Arata's Friend: Sweet, I will get ahold of some other people too, I will call you later!

Arata Kaizaki: Yeah. Ok, got it.

Arata's Friend: See ya.

[Phone call ended. It lasts for about 56 seconds.]

Arata Kaizaki: Sounds great!

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Well ... let's change into a suit and get moving ...

[Arata Kaizaki sighs.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: No one cares.

Arata's Acquaintance: If you put it that way, I'm glad nothing changed job-wise!

Arata's Friend: Yeah, me to! I was beginning to fear the worst

Arata's Acquaintance: And you just landed yourself a girlfriend a while ago too!

Arata's Friend: Yeah, it would have been bad if I ended up getting transferred!

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Hmmm.

Arata Kaizaki: Girlfriend?

Arata's Friend: Huh? Arata, didn't I tell you? That's right! Since last week!

Arata Kaizaki: Ha~ Nice! Congrats!

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: I don't want to listen to this ...

Arata's Friend: Thanks~! Hey Arata, any job changes lately for you?

Arata Kaizaki: I ...

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: want to leave and go home.

Arata Kaizaki: ... don't really know yet.

Arata's Friend: What? But it's already March?!

Arata's Acquaintance: That doesn't seem very fair.

Arata's Friend: Haa~! That's pretty rough.

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Everyone is all settling into a company. But I'm ...

[Arata Kaizaki is walking on a street, drunk and dizzy.]

Arata Kaizaki: Ugh. I overdid it ...

[Arata Kaizaki sighs.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Is there any reason to be over there? No ... I just long for a corporate lifestyle. A sign of a dream. A stable job. Friends I can joke around with. A girlfriend. There's not one thing holding me here. My life ... why did it turn out like this?

[After a moment of trance, Ryō Yoake appeared in front of him out of nowhere.]

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Ryō Yoake [Enthusiastically]: Good evening. Nice to meet you. Arata Kaizaki-san~

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(End Panel)