[There standing, the drunk and dizzy Arata Kaizaki and an enthusiastic stranger Ryō Yoake.]

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: Who is this? ...

Ryō Yoake: Arata Kaizaki-san. 6 years of study in university, advancing through graduate school afterward, entering employment upon graduation. However, shortly thereafter, employment with initial employer was self-terminated after three short months.

[Arata Kaizaki became both shocked and creeped out from what he is hearing.]

Ryō Yoake: Currently 27, unemployed, and ... I believe that is all correct?

Arata Kaizaki: Uh, n~

Ryō Yoake: Ummm ...

Arata Kaizaki: Wha-? Do I know you?

Title 003

Report 3 Title Panel

(Title Panel)

Ryō Yoake: Ah, please excuse me.

[Ryō Yoake reached out a calling card out of his shoulder bag and gave it to Arata Kaizaki.]

Ryō Yoake: My name is Ryō Yoake, I work with ReLIFE Laboratory.

Arata Kaizaki: This sounds weird ...

Ryō Yoake: Ah, our company name?

Arata Kaizaki: No, your name.

Ryō Yoake: That's rude, it's my real name, you know ...

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: ReLIFE Laboratory ...? I've never heard of a company with that name before ... and why does this freak know all my personal history?

Ryō Yoake: I'll get straight to the point. You have been selected to be a relife test subject. We are seeking your cooperation in our experiment.

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: RE ... LIFE ...?

Ryō Yoake: After dropping out of your first company, you could be considered something like a NEET.

[Arata Kaizaki became frozen.]

Ryō Yoake: We are an organization researching a program to facilitate the return to the corporate scene. ReLIFE is the name of that pro-

Arata Kaizaki [Annoyingly]: Oi, hold on a second. I'm no NEET. First off, I have a part-time job, and am currently job-hunting as well!

[Ryō Yoake laughs.]

Ryō Yoake: '

Arata Kaizaki: Wha-? ... Everything?

Ryō Yoake: That's right~ From food to rent, for one year, every penny of your expenses will be paid for. In addition, as a final parting gift for your time in the program, we will introduce and refer you to a company immediately after completion.

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: Really?!

Ryō Yoake: That's right~ It will be after completion so the exact referral statement isn't set yet. But it should say something along the lines of, "We recommend and refer Kaizaki-san for his work in observation and documentation" by our organization.

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: In that case, I wouldn't need my parents' support then! I wouldn't need to worry about the coming year at all ... this seems like an absurdly good offer ...

Ryō Yoake: How does it sound? Have I piqued your interest?

Arata Kaizaki: This experiment ... what is it I have to do?

Ryō Yoake: Ah~ I'm glad you are interested~ Starting this spring, for one year ...we would like you to become a high school student and go to school.

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: What?!

Ryō Yoake: Kaizaki-san, it is late, please keep your voice down.

Arata Kaizaki: Oh ... no wait! What the hell?! A high schooler? Seriously? I'm 27! It's impossible.

Ryō Yoake: It's ok, the groundwork is all perfected so you won't be exposed.

Arata Kaizaki: No, but if some sort of proof was in front of me ...

Ryō Yoake: We have that too.

[Ryō Yoake showed Arata Kaizaki a piece of pill inside a zipped plastic.]

Ryō Yoake: This is a confidential drug we are developing. If you take this, you will see yourself becoming younger and younger until you are once again a high schooler.

[Arata Kaizaki can't believe what Ryō Yoake is showing him.]

Ryō Yoake: So? Would you like to give one a shot?

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: The hell is with that? How could you be developing that? That's terrifying!

Ryō Yoake: Well, that's because it's safe.

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: You think I'd believe that?!

Ryō Yoake: So about it? Do we have your cooperation?

Arata Kaizaki: ...

Arata Kaizaki [Monologue]: High schooler ... me? ... From now on? ... Sounds like a pain going to school everyday for a year ...

Arata Kaizaki: So sudden ... even if you say something like that.

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Ryō Yoake: Well, it's not like you have any prospects for next year anyway, right?!

[Ryō Yoake laughs.]

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: Shut up!

Arata Kaizaki: It's not that ...

Ryō Yoake: Would you like to escape?

Arata Kaizaki: Hm?

Ryō Yoake: High school, you thought it was a pain, right? You didn't like the country life so you enrolled in a large-scale university. You weren't able to transition into corporate life, so you went back to grad school. After graduation, you quit after three months with the first company you paired with ... Now, you work a part-time job whilst filling out applications and job-hunting. Currently, scraping by with money from your family. Thinking along the lines of, "I'll make it work somehow with my current part-time job next year."

[Arata Kaizaki feels frustrated.]

Arata Kaizaki: H- ... How do you know all that?

Ryō Yoake: It's a lot to swallow in one day. I will leave it at that for today.

[Ryō Yoake puts the pill into Araka Kaizaki's suit pocket.]

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: He- wait!

Ryō Yoake: When you decide to give us your cooperation, please take it.

Arata Kaizaki: Don't decide that on your own!

Ryō Yoake: I'm sure you've gotten a bit tired, so please be careful going home, ok?

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: Listen to what people are saying!

Ryō Yoake: Nope~

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: Ha~?

Ryō Yoake: Think of it as a chance to maybe change societly as a whole. The dreaded end of your easy-going NEET lifestyle may be sooner than you expected though ...

Arata Kaizaki [Loudly]: I told you before! I am not a NEET!

Ryō Yoake: Do you want to end the harshness of your reality? Start a corporate career? If you do, then you can drink with your friend like you've always wanted, right? ... Right then! I await your respose of approval!

[Ryō Yoake went out of the scene.]

ReLIFE Experiment Report

Ryō Yoake

Friday, March 1

Preparing to make contact with Subject No. 002, Arata Kaizaki.

Initial introduction complete. With his current situation, he will definitely be on board.

File:End 003.jpg

(End Panel)