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|name = Ryo Yoake |romaji = Yoake Ryo |gender = Male
|name = Ryo Yoake |romaji = Yoake Ryo |gender = Male
|affiliations = ReLIFE Research Institute|image = [[File:Yoake-Ryo.png|300px]]|occupation = Student/ReLIFE Support Division Staff|kanji = 夜明了(よあけ りょう)
|affiliations = ReLIFE Research Institute|image = [[File:Yoake-Ryo.png|300px]]|occupation = Student/ReLIFE Support Division Staff|kanji = 夜明了(よあけ りょう)
|hair color = Light Brown |eye color = Light Brown |manga = Chapter 1|age = 28 (Looks like 17)|birthday = January 5|blood type = B|height = 173 cm (5'7)}}
|hair color = Light Brown |eye color = Light Brown |manga = Chapter 1|age = 28 (Looks like 17)|birthday = January 5|blood type = B|height = 173 cm (5'8")}}
== Appearance ==
== Appearance ==

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His appearance is quite average yet distinct. This could be because of his lacking presence while socializing and could be about about his past which can both be connected to his job of being Kaizaki Arata's supporter of the ReLIFE experiment. Other than that he seems to wear casual clothes that don't stand out too much but gives the impression that he is trying to blend in with his high school life as a person and a supporter.


Yoake Ryo takes his job as being Kaizaki Arata's supporter seriously, up to the point of intervening in Subject 002's (Kaizaki) progress by helping Kaizaki face his past whilst visiting his senpai's grave by making Kaizaki "coincidentally" meet two kouhais' (new employers from Kaizaki's old job) which even cause An to question him. It seems that by watching Kaizaki he himself is healed of his past failures. Despite this Ryo seems to like conversation with Kaizaki and often laughs and teases him which makes him out as a caring person who is happy yet sad. He is docile and silent.


Yoake met Hishiro as she came out of a failed interview and informed her about the ReLIFE Project. He was then assigned as the supervisor for Kanto region's first ReLIFE Experiment, Hishiro Chizuru. He was expected to make Hishiro improve her interpersonal skills.He was also suggested into entering into a romantic relationship with her in the end to make her experiment a success. He was then put in the same class as Hishiro of the second year in Aoba High School.

Hishiro however made no effort to get to know the people in her class. Ryo was criticized of not lending enough support. He then tells Hishiro of the expectations and asks her to help out a bullied student in their class. This however made the bullying even worse due to Hishiro's clumsiness in handling the situation. The bullied student asked Hishiro not to interfere anymore and Hishiro totally avoided human contact. Ryo was then criticized for interfering too much with the experiment.

Month after month, there was no change in Hishiro's interpersonal relationships though she excelled in her studies. Ryo was continually criticized as either not providing enough support or interfering too much. Ryo felt the experiment only increased Hishiro's loneliness and tried to provide support,only to be rejected by her.

He was continually pressured into bringing better results by his superiors with Onoya being the only person who was supportive of him. After the latest meeting, Hishiro's ReLife was then considered a failure because there was no improvement.

Onoya then asks him to come with her to check out the new subjects. Onoya then praises him saying that Yoake is amazing as she would have gone crazy because of the tremendous work pressure. With all his work and mental strain taking a toll on him, he faints and falls down on Onoya.



An Onoya - An is actually a co-worker of Ryo Yoake at the company of ReLIFE. She personally reveals to Arata Kaizaki that she was originally his supporter for the ReLIFE experiment. She and Ryo have a Senpai-Kouhai relationship and she is constantly being scolded by Ryo for doing unnecessary actions.



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