Sumire Inukai is the School Nurse and the Health Teacher in Aoba High School.

Appearance Edit

Sumire has shoulder length dark black hair and small dull eyes. She usually wears a lab coat and long earrings.

Personality Edit

As the school nurse, she has a caring personality for all her students. She also seems to be good at reading the atmosphere which was shown when she stopped Kokoro Amatsu from blurting out sentences that might hurt Rena Kariu and Honoka Tamarai when Rena's leg was injured.

History Edit

Sumire is Akira Inukai's older sister, and possibly the oldest child in her family. Sometime in the past, she applied for a job in Aoba High School and now works as health teacher as well as the school nurse.

Story Edit

Relationships Edit

Akira Inukai Edit

Akira is her younger brother. The duo seem to have a regular brother sister relationship.

Honoka Tamarai Edit

Sumire knows Honoka well as she and Akira are childhood friends. She cares a lot for Honoka.

Nobunaga Asaji Edit

Sumire knows Nobunaga well as he and Akira are childhood friends. He is also working in the Health club with her.

Kokoro Amatsu Edit

They are both colleagues. They seem to have a friendly relationship with each other.

Quotes Edit

  • "I don't think adults should interfere. I'm worried but this should stay between those two..."

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